Time Signatures opens August 19

My new installation, Disintegration, will be featured in our last group exhibition, Time Signatures, at the Coalition Gallery. The opening reception is on August 19 at 217 North Carpenter Street in Chicago's West Loop from 6 PM-9 PM. Photographs of the installation will be available once I install it! Here is the press release for the exhibit: Different artists approach temporality in a variety of ways, but it is nonetheless an ever-present factor throughout the creative process. Artists navigate multiple temporal planes simultaneously, thereby creating unique "time signatures" that are particular to their process and subsequently embedded in the work of art itself. One can look at the brush strokes, scratches, and layerings of a painting and easily see the residue of these signatures; but they are also present in the editing techniques of the videographer, the collagist, the installation artist, and so on. For Time Signatures, the metaphor of this musical term lends itself to a deeper reading of the group dynamic. The exhibition draws together artists of different backgrounds and working methodologies, each with their own unique artistic signature (with the temporal being one component of the sense of authorship and authenticity). When brought together in this group exhibition format, the different artists and their individual time signatures relate to one another in unexpected and exciting ways. Moments of harmony and discord allow the works to take on additional meanings as they relate to the works around them, whether in opposition or in unforeseen moments of synchronicity.

Coalition Gallery Artists participating in Time Signatures include Bryan Boomershine, Robin Dluzen, Jori Foreman, Nathalie Gribinski, Christie Helm, Bernell Loeb, Zach Mory, Brad Nugent, Dimitri Pavlotsky, Adrienne Pike, Sarah Rehmer, Shawn Stucky and Connie Wolfe. Time Signatures is curated by Steven L Bridges, Coordinator of Exhibitions and Teaching Artist at Marwen and Editor of the exhibition journal series Exchange Radical Moments.